AiSprouts’s Suman Talukdar

#25: Venture Capital Investing in Silicon Valley, today and tomorrow with AiSprouts’s Suman Talukdar

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Suman Talukdar is a venture-backed operator turned investor at, where he is working with entrepreneurs on the next big ideas. With a track record of $7B in exits, with companies including Cloudflare and Anaplan, Suman invests in companies with the traits he’s seen make others highly successful. As an investor, his portfolio includes Ripple, Palantir, and Sharetribe — recent exits include and Apprente. He started his professional career building agent-based enterprise “AI” software. A published author on innovation, Suman has an MBA from Harvard and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Computer Engineering from Rice University. He is married, has three children, is an avid tennis player, and enjoys listening to classical music.

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