#65: High-Impact Entrepreneurship through Underserved Markets with Endeavor’s Adrian Garcia-Aranyos

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Adrian Garcia-Aranyos is the President of Endeavor, a global community of high-impact entrepreneurs present in ~40 markets with a rules-based venture arm, Endeavor Catalyst, which is a leading VC investor in most emerging markets. he joined Endeavor in 2014 as Founding Managing Director of Endeavor Spain. Prior to that he held several executive roles at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co; The Economist Newspaper Group; and CM Capital Markets in Madrid.

Since 2004, Mr. Garcia-Aranyos serves as board member at Thune Eureka, an industrial engineering firm specializing in capital goods and focused on deep-sea energy components, paper industry parts and defense mechanisms. Additionally he is also an advisor at Bankuish, Cermer, Creditas, CodeOp, Founder Nest, Legal Army, Microwd, and Valiu, among others.

He obtained his BA in Political Science from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and has an MA in Trade & Commerce from CECO-ICEX. Plus a series of certificates from IEB, Kellogg, IESE & Harvard.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrian-garcia-aranyos-32871b3/

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