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Gravitas International's Malcolm Tan
Innovative Minds

#18: The Digital Asset Regulatory Space and Neobanks with Gravitas International’s Malcolm Tan

Malcom is the Chairman and General Counsel of Gravitas International, Founder and CEO of Gravitas.Financial (Challenger Bank), and Managing Director of his own firm Malcolm Tan Chambers LLC, amongst other companies, Malcolm Tan is an established Singaporean lawyer-entrepreneur with extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT and financial industries.

Polygence's Jin Yun Chow

#17: From Academia to Edtech: A Hong Konger’s Journey with Polygence’s Jin Yun Chow

Rio DeFi's John Patrick Mullin

#16: The Future of Blockchain & Fintech in APAC with Rio DeFi’s John Patrick Mullin

Nuno Goncalves Pedro
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#15: Quantitative VC Investing and a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Nuno Goncalves Pedro

Global Startup Ecosystems with Byeonghun Kim

#14: Social Impact Initiatives and Global Startup Ecosystems with Byeonghun Kim

Gumi Cryptos Capital's Miko Matsumura
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#13: The Future of Silicon Valley and the Internet of Value with Gumi Cryptos Capital’s Miko Matsumura

Innovative Minds

#12: One Hundred Days of Solitude with Jonathan Lopez

Tradable Patterns with Darren Chu
Innovative Minds

#11: Investment Opportunities in Energy & Other Beaten Down Sectors: Tradable Patterns with Darren Chu

Africa’s Man of Steel with Samir Jezzini
Innovative Minds

#10: Africa’s Man of Steel with Samir Jezzini

1982 Scott Krivokopich
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#09: Doing Deals Responsibly in A Crisis with 1982’s Scott Krivokopich

A “Glimpse” into the Future with Akash Raju

#08: A “Glimpse” into the Future with Akash Raju

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