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geeks of the valley
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#46: Investing in Asia-Pacific with Golden Gate Ventures’ Michael Lints

Michael Lints has over 20 years of experience helping innovative businesses obtain the resources, insights, and expertise they need in order to be successful. Michael has been a startup operator, investor, and mentor, and is currently a Partner at the Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures.

institute of life Eric Sim
Innovative Minds

#45: The Methodologies to be Successful in Work and in Life with IOL’s Eric Sim

Beyond The Billion Sarah Chen
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#44: The Billion Dollar Fund for Women with Beyond The Billion’s Sarah Chen

Ben Narasin
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#43: Venture Investing Wisdom with NEA’s Ben Narasin

Airbus Ventures' Lewis Pinault
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#42: Investing Along the Z-Axis with Airbus Ventures’ Lewis Pinault

Field Pickering
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#41: Special Situation Funds & Venture Investing with Vulpes Investment Management’s Field Pickering

Electric Capital's Avichal Garg
Venture Capital & Private Equity

#40: VC Investing in Blockchain, Crypto, & CBDC’s with Electric Capital’s Avichal Garg

PWC Crypto's Henri Arslanian
Innovative Minds

#39: 10 Life Principles with PWC Crypto’s Henri Arslanian

2021 Crypto Predictions
Innovative Minds

#38: 2021 Crypto Predictions with PWC Crypto’s Henri Arslanian

Innovative Minds

#37: Institutionalization of Cryptoassets & CBDC’s with PWC Crypto’s Henri Arslanian

Venture Capital & Private Equity

#36: Growth Equity Prospecting & CVC Investing with HSBC Ventures’ Ore Adeyemi

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