#89: Unraveling the Japanese Venture Capital Market with Global Brain Corporation’s Ken Kajii

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Ken joined GB in 2021. As General Partner, he oversees the entire fund activities including strategy development, investment in Japanese and overseas startups, post-investment support, support for collaboration with corporations, fundraising, and forming/operating CVC funds. He is an expert in growth strategy and digital transformation based on his 17-year experience of strategic consulting. He also focuses on overseas fund deployment and investment.

Ken joined GB after working at NTT Group and McKinsey & Company. Ken was engaged in more than 270 projects with 1,500 consultants across 10 regions worldwide at McKinsey & Company. From 2011, Ken was the leader of technology, media & telecommunications group (TMT) at McKinsey Japan office. Ken has been passionate about driving technology-enabled business transformation that significantly increases competitive advantage of global TMT companies in Japan and overseas. Projects included company-wide transformation, growth strategy development, M&A/PMI, business portfolio restructuring, acceleration of new businesses/business growth, and establishment of global business. Prior to McKinsey, Ken joined NTT’s R&D center as a software engineer / researcher, and later on became founding member of launching NTT Group’s US office to start overseas operations.

Ken has lived and worked in 3 continents including Europe (Switzerland), US (NY, MA, and CA) and Japan (Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Yamaguchi). He enjoys playing soccer/tennis and running. Along with traveling, he has relocated more than 30 times so far.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenkajii/

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