WallStreet's Einstein, Peter Tuchman

#35: A COVID-19 Warning from WallStreet’s Einstein, Peter Tuchman

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Peter Tuchman is a born and bred New Yorker fueled by espresso and an insatiable curiosity. He attributes his keen sense of fashion to his mother who stressed the importance of good ties. To this day, Hermes is the only brand of tie Peter wears in her loving memory.

Early life of Peter Tuchman

Peter Tuchman first endeavor after college was a jazz record store and African art gallery on Carmine Street in New York City. Two years later he sold the record store and took a job working in Africa for a Norwegian oil company. On returning to New York, Peter got a job as a clerk on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. It didn’t take long for Tuchman to become a broker with a Wall Street career that’s taken him from the crash of 1987 to the boom of the 90’s and beyond. Thirty-five years later, there’s still no place he’d rather be. Peter’s passion for the market coupled with his distinct features and animated persona have made him the most iconic trader at the New York Stock Exchange and the most photographed man on Wall Street.  Tuchman’s resemblance to Albert Einstein in conjunction with his eccentric personality means he is recognized by thousands and has earned him the moniker “Einstein of Wall Street.\\\”


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